The ‘New Year’ Badge

At approximately 4.53am last night (give or take a few seconds!) I lost the will to just keep plodding on, to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, or more accurately at that time to keep one hand gently, but rhythmically patting my daughters back! You see, our youngest has given up... Continue Reading →


The ‘Crafting’ Badge

I love crafts. I love my kids. I love the idea of crafting with my kids. Pinterest, Instagram and Blue Peter make me think that crafting with my kids is a good idea – a great idea in fact – which means that every so often on a solo parenting day I bundle the kids... Continue Reading →

The ‘Breastfeeding’ Badge

It is national breastfeeding week, which has meant many posts about how we feed our babies. Some positive, some negative, some in between, some trying to tread on egg shells very carefully and others using a battering ram to get their point across! The one thing they all have in common? Emotion. Breastfeeding is a... Continue Reading →

The ‘NHS’ Badge

When EC was two months old he had his first set of jabs, he came home grisly and sad, as they do, but by the evening he was crying strangely, so I left my husband upstairs with him whilst I ran down to get the thermometer. By the time I had run back upstairs EC was... Continue Reading →

The ‘Inadequate Parent’ Badge

Inadequate. The word that I feel encapsulates how I have felt many times since becoming a mum. Don’t get me wrong, I have had many moments before parenting where I felt inadequate, but they were more showers of rain rather than a deluge of a tropical rain storm threatening to flood everything within it’s path!... Continue Reading →

The ‘Swimming’ Badge

Swimming – one of those love it or loathe it parenting activities. Before I had my eldest son I was absolutely certain I would be in the ‘love it’ camp (are you spotting a theme to my blog posts? Starting off as Mary Poppins and ending up somewhere much lower on the scale?!) I loved... Continue Reading →

The ‘Adulting’ Badge

  I don’t know about you but I assumed that when you had children, as in many computer games you would get a ‘parenting upgrade’ with useful skills like knowing how to tell the difference between each of your baby’s cries, or how many layers to dress your baby in for the weather that day.... Continue Reading →

The ‘Teeth’ Badge

  For my eldest son’s birthday, a friend once bought me a CD with ‘tantrum’ songs on. All the topics on which a toddler might tantrum about were covered, along with teeth! Hubby and I laughed, I mean teeth, what could be so hard about cleaning a tiny child’s teeth? EC had always loved having... Continue Reading →

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